​42 Tournament Rules

Each player draws 7 dominoes. Texas Friendly Method: Opponents of the dealer draw first, followed by the partner of the dealer; the dealer then claims the remaining seven dominoes.

The total bid points available in any hand is 42:

·         1 point for each trick won
·         5 points for each “five-pointer” won: 5/0, 4/1, 3/2
·         10 points for each “ten-pointer” won: 5/5, 6/4
Bidding Rules
·         Bidding begins with the player to the left of the Shaker and proceeds clockwise ending with the Shaker
·         Each player may bid only once, in order
·         Highest bidder wins the bid (and declares trump)
·         Each player may either pass (not bid) or bid higher
·         If all players pass, the Shaker must bid at least the minimum bid (aka forced bid)
·         The minimum bid is 30 bid points
·         When bidding reaches 42 (aka one mark), only marks may be bid
·         Any player may bid up to 2 marks when 2 marks has not already been bid; subsequent bids may only be                      one additional mark
·         Marks bids require capturing (taking) all 7 tricks
·         Nello Bids (aka low, low-boy) – a bid contract where you must lose all the tricks, your teammate doesn’t                       play and turns their dominoes down on the table – Are ALLOWED in this tournament. With this bid,                       Doubles are considered a separate suit.

Note: Once a bid is announced, that player’s opportunity to bid has passed and bidding continues with the next player, ending with the Shaker. Should a player bid out of order, the opposing team may choose to continue playing the hand or have the hand shaken again (by the same Shaker). If continuing, the player may not change their bid when it’s their turn to bid, and if their bid is no longer available they must pass. If the first three bidders all “PASS” the bid, the shaker (fourth bidder) must make at least the minimum bid of 30 (Forced Bid).

The trump suit is declared by the winning bidder prior to playing the first domino. Valid suits are: blanks, ones (aces), twos (deuces), threes (treys), fours, fives, sixes, doubles, or no-trump (aka follow-me).    Trumps are a super suit that win over other suits when played per rules below. If a trump suit is not declared before playing the first domino, the suit led in the first trick shall determine Trump.

The winning bidder leads the first trick, followed in a clockwise manner by each player playing one of their dominoes.

For each trick, dominoes are played per the following rules:
·         Suit Order – for any suit, the win order hierarchy is determined by the highest opposite end played, except                  for the double which is always highest in its own suit
·         Trumps – any domino matching Trump is in the trump suit and never in any other “matching” suit; Trumps                  beat all other suits
·         Lead Anything – you may lead any domino in your hand
·         Suit Led – unless trump is led, the higher end of the domino led determines the Suit for the duration of                        that trick
·         Follow Suit – players must, if possible, play a domino in the suit lead; note: except for doubles, every                          domino matches 2 suits; dominoes with one side matching trump are always in the trump suit
·         Play Off – if void, play any non-trump domino as a loser
·         Play Trump – if void, play a trump, beating any non-trump played
·         Win Trick – a trick is won by playing the highest domino in the suit lead, or highest trump if trump is played

Each team shall keep one “stack” of tricks won, arranged in sets of tricks, laid in the order won, always visible to all players, and not re-arranged during the hand. In MARKS bids, bid winners may opt to stack tricks on top of each other in the center of the table in single- or double-stacking (alternating back and forth). Once played, a domino may not be moved.

The player winning a trick leads the next trick. Play repeats until all seven tricks have been played.

In the interest of expediency, a player may stop the hand for any of the following conditions:
·         the bid-winning team captures the points bid, or
·         the opposing team sets the winning team – captures enough points to prevent the bid-winning team from                    achieving their bid contract, or
·         the player demonstrates a lay-down
If (for any reason) the hand ends before all tricks are played (e.g., due to a lay-down or set), all dominoes shall be turned face up so that any mistakes or reneges can be identified.

If the team winning the bid captures enough points to reach their bid, they are awarded the winning mark(s). If their opponents capture enough points to prevent them from reaching their bid, the opponents are awarded the winning mark(s).

Winning the Game
The first team at the Head table to reach 7 marks, wins the game. When the Head Table completes their game, the Tournament Director will signal the end of the game for all the other tables. If play is not complete at any of the subsequent tables (no team has reached 7 marks) then the winner will be determined by the highest number of marks tallied. Hands in motion will cease when the Tournament Director gives the signal to stop. Players will then move as indicated below.

Winning the Tournament
Each table will be numbered, beginning at 1 (Head Table). Players will draw lots for table assignment. Winners of each game will move up a table (e.g. Table 2 winners move to Table 1 for next game) and similarly , The defeated team of each game will move down a Table (e.g. Table 2 losing team moves to Table 3). The winning team from each game will receive a punch mark on their players card.

The top 4 teams will continue in the final round. The team with the most punch marks on their player card at that time will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be a mini-game played with the first team to three marks being declared the winner.

42 Tournament

Sponsored by Armstrong & Zenner families

Tournament starts at 3:00 PM - Sign up starts at 2:00 PM under the pavilion.

Come out and have some fun -  meet new people.

$20.00 per team