Cake Auction Sign Up Form

Harper Community Park Board Association is having Harper Frontier Days on September 28th this year

benefiting the HCPA, and celebrating HISD Homecoming. 

Every year we have a cake auction that follows the BBQ Meal to raise money for the Harper Community Park. 

We need volunteers to bake a cake(s) for this event. 

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and return it to Dauna's or mail it to PO Box 124 Harper, TX  78631. 

You may also email or call (830) 864-4050.

Name:  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:  _________________________________________________________________________________

Email:  ________________________________________________________________________________________

# of Cakes:  1         2          3

Type of Cake  (1): ________________________________________________________________________________

Type of Cake  (2): ________________________________________________________________________________

Type of Cake  (3): ________________________________________________________________________________

If you are a part of a church group or organization that will be baking cakes, please add additional information here:



Please drop off your cake(s) on Friday September 27th to Dauna's Convenient Store.

Thank you so much for supporting your community and the Harper Community Park.