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Non-Profit Organizations


Non-Profit Organizations [501(c)(3)] will not be charged for Park use, but a Refundable Cleaning Deposit will be REQUIRED to Reserve Park Facilities for Events as Follows:  Hall-$200  Arena/Concessions-$100  Pavilion (includes Restrooms, BBQ Shack, Picnic Area)-$100 Benefit Functions: Benefit Functions are determined on a case by case basis. Please contact Board for more information. The Refundable Cleaning Deposits are REQUIRED to reserve each part of the Park Facilities being used for benefit event.

Notice: All Deposits will be refunded within one week of event pending approval.


1)Check dates on Park Calendar located online at

2)Call 830-864-5048 and leave a message that includes: Name & Phone, Date, Time, Type of Event, Number Expected to Attend, and Area to be reserved.

Or email information to

3)Pay Deposit or Pay in Full (either online, dropped off at Dauna's or mailed to HCPA, PO Box 124, Harper, Tx 78631) and Sign & Return Rental Agreement (found online or at Dauna's). Keys will be available at Dauna's at the time requested per Rental Agreement.

Rental fee determined on a case by case basis. Contact the Harper Park Board to schedule your event.

The Pavilion rental fee is $100.00. This includes use of the BBQ pits, picnic area, and use of the restrooms. A refundable $50.00 cleaning deposit is required.

Rental fee determined on a case by case basis. Contact the Harper Park Board to schedule your event.  There is no cost for practice use of the Arena, unless lights are needed. The fee for the arena lights will be $25.00 per night.

Rental fee: $300.00 per event day plus a $200.00 refundable cleaning deposit.  Extra days for decorating are $75.00 per day. Building includes large walk-in cooler, deep freeze, under bar cooler, commercial sink, kitchen area, 10 rows of 18 ft. tables and chairs, stage area, water coolers, large wood dance floor.  The building is approximately 100' x 100'. Water must be turned on to hall.  Valves are located on east side of building.
Walk-in Cooler:  Clean out after use an do not leave food in it. Deep Freeze:  ICE ONLY!  Do not put food in it.
Window Coolers: Water must be turned on before use and turned off when done. Wood Dance Floor: Do not put anything on this floor that will damage it.  No chairs or tables without rubber "feet".  No liquids can be placed on floor. Tables and chairs: If moved these MUST be put back when done. 
Cleaning:  Remove personal items, or items you plan to keep when done.  Take down any decorations.  The person that cleans after functions cannot move heavy tables and chairs back into place or climb up and take down your decorations from the walls or ceiling. 

The money collected on rents is used for maintenance and upkeep on the Park, it also pays for the cleaning of the Hall, mowing, paper goods for restrooms, utilities and taxes for the Park.

Non-Profit fee:   $25.00 per day, in order to help cover utilities (septic, water, electric, gas).

Concession Stand


Picnic Area, BBQ Pits, & Pavilion

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